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We Have Partners, Not Clients

The only time you’ll hear the word “client” at Originate is when we’re talking about code. That’s because at Originate, we exclusively have PARTNERS, not clients. We aren’t trying to be fun or cute… we truly believe that developing extraordinary software products requires a fundamentally different approach than the one used by accountants, lawyers, and PR firms—all of whom engage clients.

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Why We Prototype

Over the course of my career, I have learned that the most critical ingredient to success in any software development project is clear communication across all team members and stakeholders. It is also extremely difficult. Why?

20% Time Done Right

Originate is passionate about innovation. We tackle tough transformational software challenges, helping our partners achieve things they never thought possible. Great innovation comes from passionate people - people who are excited and challenged by their work, their lives, and their opportunities. People to whom creation is as natural as breathing.

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